The village calls deep, from within our cells
a process of production
shaping everything around us
how does it help us speak
of the present
and the collective future

This workshop combines the mythology associated with wool and textiles alongside learning the ancient art of turning wool into felt.Felt is a wonderful medium to experiment with the embodied process of sculpture.
During the making process the stories, sounds and lineage of the material will be shared so that the final piece is embedded with this history.

We will make the materials with a ceremonial intention allowing the process to become a tool for discussion, reflection and knowledge sharing about alternative and previous societies. This will be an opportunity to experience the alchemy of the hands and culture through an immersive making process.
Felting sounds
Felting Language
Felting Story
Embedding History

– Each person will create their own piece to take home
– Working with natural colours from a range of British fleeces and merino wool