Residency, CASS School of Art
part of OPEN FIELD
31st October – 8th December

The village calls deep, from within our cells,
a process of production
shaping everything around us
how does it help us speak
of the present
and the collective future

Using a grain grinding stone, earthenware clay, found materials, and a selection of poems;
The Village School investigated the interrelationship between materials, implements and the language summoned through the making process.
Questioning what this ‘Material Voice’ has to offer our behaviours in public and private space.

A series of open sessions and events hosted within the studio produced a new set of implements and a ritual for collective domesticity.

This process also lead to the production of a collective performance
The Birth Clinic in Collaboration with Ben Cranfield.

The process was influenced by a necessity to return to the ideas of material and making as a methodology to construct our thoughts, actions and language.Guided by a series of ancient and contemporary texts, including inspiration from John Ruskin’s 150-year-old reflections on tools, labour and humanity in his book On Art and Life.






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