“Kept alive by the nurture of people for thousands of years”
Making Story
This narrative became one of the main elements of our Resilience Lab and public program in Bristol. Emerging on our second monthly visit whilst visiting a women in Easton we noticed that she had a bubbling jar in her kitchen. The jar contained water kefir, brewed from many small grains given to her by someone she had met. It had been passed on and nurtured. We were told a story of how to care for it and were given some starter grains to take back to London.
This culture was handed down and brewed throughout the process, handed out to people in Bristol and served at workshops during our public programme. Finally it was displayed brewing in two glass bottles during the final exhibition ‘back to where we have not quite been’, and served in one shared cup to audiences by the invigilators. We called them the ‘The Keepers of The Culture’. At the end of the exhibition, the culture grains were shared out to many people to continue the expansion.

Exhibition History
back to where we have not quite been, Arnolfini 2015