– A film about the mystery of living

Piedra Sola (project in development), an anthropological documentary/fiction, follows the daily lives of lama shepherd Ricardo in El Condor, a small mountain village at 4300 m.a.s.l. in the northern Argentinian Puna.

Inside the condor
Everything is molded from the earth
Sticks and straw of forgotten mountains
Shape homes

Wild souls walk the land
Passing clouds and storms
A collection of bones
Fill my pockets

The sound of leaves against teeth
Chewing time
The sound of feet against ground
Walking past

Scarce water carefully poured onto thirsty heads
A long pause
More water arrives
Poured to its final drop

The wet dries

Inside in the dark
A fetus of lama rests
Tucked on top of leather
Glowing red against dry clay walls

Bundles dispersing from the ceiling
Skins hosting unremembered light
A stone and staff tied
Smells of the freshly ground

Feature film, Jujuy Argentina 2016-2017
Collaboration between BALAZSTARRAF, VientoCine and Fourthland
Director: Alejandro Tarraf
Cinematographer: Alberto Balazs
Art Director: Eva Knustdotter Vikstrom
Supported by INCAA