“He looked at his own Soul
with a Telescope. What seemed
all irregular, he saw and
shewed to be beautiful
Constellations: and he added
to the Consciousness hidden
worlds within worlds” – Coleridge, notebooks

Permissable notations of is a project that took place on Wenlock Barn Estate with a gathering of people from across the world. Through a series of visits home – taking place in people’s houses and within social space on the estate we collected pots of cultural inheritance. These gestures were later re-enacted in public space around a roaming backdrop, using a series of hand-made sculptural props.
The gestures were captured on 16mm producing the film work“I feel like doing this”

The props used in the film and on the Estate were displayed in the gallery. Here acting as a site for further improvisations and performances from local audiences.

The work emerges from our collaborations with people on Wenlock Barn Estate over 9 summers as part of a wider project Land and People.

The film was shown to local audiences involved in the project and a later reiteration of the work launched as part of BREADROCK 2018