An immersive and creative workshop series exploring the concept of Mandalas to access a deeper creative source that goes beyond order, and into mystery, creativity and intuition.
Hosted at The Round Chapel, Hackney, London
‘Our Common Chord’ will open a dialogue between themes of our current times and ancestral knowledge. Discovering the inner and outer myths that shape the world around us, forming a connection between earth, body, sky and breath, both on an individual and collective level.

The workshops will explore a range of creative methods, weaving together practices of
Thinking through movement,
The art of listening,
sound and song,
breath-work and meditation
We will investigate curious objects, old maps, urban residues, sculptural processes and the structures within our physical and spiritual body.
It will be an invitation to harvest the wisdom within yourself to awaken your individual creative force, tuning the source of where it comes from, and connecting with collective and universal stories in a supportive and transformative space. Tuning the sensorial, instinctual and the intuitive to uncover our creative nature transforming through deep time, deep listening and collective Magic.

The workshops will develop through 7 sessions, moving through inner and outer landscapes of our bodies and our surroundings as material. Each session will have a guided activity, a free roaming and creative section and final collective listening. The final extended session will be used to create our own ceremony and holistic act, which will see the bringing together of things experienced throughout the process.

The program will:
– Deepen your understanding of the creative, poetic and sacred act in society.
– Give you the confidence to find new ways of expressing your individual creative contribution in a collective context.
– Create new and surprising links between you and others, developing new ways of meeting and conversing.
– Deepen the meaning of more abstract methods to conjure serious and urgent topics. (such as climate change, education, the importance of the creative process, tactility and social futures
– Develop new methods and narratives of urban space, whilst sheading new light onto everyday domestic acts.

The workshops are for anyone who is curious to find new ways of gathering, sharing and acting in our current time. No qualifications needed.

19th April 7pm-9pm Part 1: Handheld
10th May 7pm-9pm Part 2: Bone Memory
24th May 7pm-9pm Part 3: Circulation
14th June 7pm-9pm Part 4: Stomata
28th June 7pm-9pm Part 5: Stem Cells
19th July 7pm-9pm Part 6: Bud
26th July 6pm-10pm Part 7: Our Common Chord (extended final session)

LOCATION: The Round chapel
Clapton Park URC
Round Chapel Old School Rooms
2 Powerscroft Road
E5 0PU