A series of projects during 2011 and 2012 that investigated energy-exchange within collaborative process. Seeking to provoke the roles of artist, participant and viewer.

This work re-appropriated the word INDUSTRY, bringing it back to the quality of something that involves transformation, many states, a range of inputs, directions and continuous processes, not simply of products and outcomes, but of ideas and interconnections.

This concept of INDUSTRY remained as a continuous throughout a number of projects that considered art works themselves as environments for interaction, where more than one individual is responsible or involved in creation.

Each INDUSTRY used simple materials and incorporated individually sculpted objects to create sensuous environments. These environments were then used to engage people in performative and collective experiences, investigating potentials of production.

INDUSTRY went on to exist as a series of individual scenarios appearing either in a
static form or as subtle architectural extensions activated through the addition of objects and people, drifting between public and exhibition space.

In each INDUSTRY the participants became part of the visual experience of the work whilst simultaneously being guided through an internal experience. This experience developed through a series of simple actions and physical and visual processes prompted by the use of specific objects, sound, scent, text materials and systems of placement and documentation.

INDUSTRY has allowed us to enquire about the quality that simple actions, placement and objects have in order to create relationships and distribute energy to the surroundings. Through INDUSTRY we have reflected on the social aspects of art making, developing communication with many people that spontaneously relays between object, response and feedback. These relationships gradually layer traces of previous interactions and shift in unique meaning dependent on the people involved.

The process facilitated us to investigate the meaning given to interactions, objects, sounds, materials and systems and has promoted conversations with many people on subjects of material, time, thought, duration and society.

INDUSTRY formed both a continuous research practice and as a point of reflection on methodologies that comment on the way we behave with each other and our environments.

INDUSTRY, a series of instinctual relationships between place, objects, material and individuals.
INDUSTRY, occurs between public and exhibition space, discussion and research.
INDUSTRY, a set of scenarios that are instigated in response to the surrounding environment; the site and the social architecture.
INDUSTRY, provoking the quality that simple actions, placement and objects have to create relationships and distribute a collective energy to surroundings.
INDUSTRY, a starting point that allows the work to reflect on the social aspects of art making, developing means of open communication that spontaneously relay between roles, object, response and feedback.
INDUSTRY is always in states of expansion, distribution, requietum and formation.