FOURTHLAND is a place to be occupied – temporarily or permanently. It is a space of occupants.

The number of people belonging to FOURTHLAND grows and shrinks according to the size and requirements of a given project. At its largest, it is a whole community. At its smallest, it is a core group of starter occupants and our board of Elders.


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Starter Occupants

isik . knutsdotter –  Louise Sayarer and Eva Vikstrom. Their work together reflects upon the role of participation in societal dialogues about social architecture and urban change constructing new forms of interdisciplinary working, whilst providing a practical social context for research. Together embarking on wider ideas and experiments regarding the notion of public, language and wider uses of creativity. These subjects have been explored in public spaces and with a series of responses using video, performance, installation, drawing, sculpture and sound.

Louise Sayarer initiated FOURTHLAND in 2008 as a response to enquiries about land and people. Forming a series of projects that provoke interaction. These projects focused on people, and on people asking questions.  About ideas of place and site specificity. About social, environmental engagement and creativity. Louise’s interests have centred on the role that materiality, discussion and performance plays in helping form democratic approaches to projects and long-term changes to public space. How to use objects and methods of art to interrupt the expected,how to interrupt the everyday flow of a given space to give pause for thought.These ideas are explored through installation, object making and a range of performative processes.These ideas are informed through regular teaching. Louise has studied both the arts and Environmental Science. She has taken various courses in participation, healing and methods of performance. For Louise, Fourthland developed as a response to earlier work delivered on behalf of The Chelsea Physics Garden, Kew Gardens, Bow Arts Trust and The Wildlife Trust.

Eva Vikstrom joined FORUTHLAND in 2011. Eva works with video, performance, mark-making and sound, often forming temporary installations in public spaces and other social environments. As a critique on materiality and participation, Eva is interested in how experimental alterations and gatherings in places can interrupt people’s perceptions and narratives. By dissolving boundaries between people and enabling encounters with natural materials, this forms a more harmonious and inclusive dialogue about people and their experiences and how this can influence future dialogues about place-making. Once a part of The Readers, which devised performances at venues and events from The Barbican to The Market Estate Project, Eva has delivered a range of workshops within schools and public spaces, worked on site-specific installations in galleries and is today curator and host of residencies at in South London.
On-going collaborators 

Will Lindley trained in architecture and anthropology, Will Lindley spent a number of years working in regeneration in the public sector, and with Groundwork and the Glass-House. Concerned with exploring ways of seeing and documenting places, Will now works in a number of mediums, including drawing, printmaking and making installations for exhibitions, shows and public spaces. Will has supported a range of community-based projects across the UK. His involvement with FOURTHLAND began in 2008, supporting the development of the Growing Kitchen on the Wenlock Barn Estate, London. In 2011 he and Louise Sayarer set up the back gardenin the same Wenlock Barn community, a project he continues to support.

Craig Bamford Architect director of architectural practice Sasa Works, Craig Bamford has been involved in processes of making and designing for over 20 years. Artist, sculptor and master craftsman, Craig understands and has a feel for things and for how they sit in space. In this respect, FOURTHLAND provides Craig with the opportunity to share his skills and knowledge of materials with the wider community. In FOURTHLAND, he hopes for two things: first, that people find power in collaborating on simple, beautiful and necessary things; and second, that that power is built on a way of looking that goes beyond the mere materiality of everyday living. Craig has delivered lectures on materials and process, and runs a range of making courses.