2018 BREADROCK I carry you in my eyes | installation and 16mm film collaboration with Rosalind Fowler Kestle Barton
2018 BREADROCK I feel like doing this | installation and 16mm film collaboration with Rosalind Fowler PEER
2017 BearMotherHouse | solo Exhibition with Xenia Women SPACE
2017 Permissible Notations of | with Rosalind Fowler PEER
2017 Cosmic Council | Our House of Common Weeds, group exhibition Res commissioned by Nathalie Boobis
2016 Household | solo exhibition and public event, Home Space, Leyton
2016 The Storm | Exhibition and performance, Utopia program, Somerset House,commissioned as part of The Treasury by Jeremy Deller
2015 back to where we have not quite been | Solo Exhibition Arnolfini, Bristol
2015 The Collective Tongue | solo exhibition, Errant Bodies Berlin
2014 New mouths | Cities Methodologies | group exhibition, UCL London, Slade Research Centre
2014 What Survives The Storm | conference exhibition, Clore Studio, South London Gallery London
2013 ASTATE | group exhibition Cities Methodologies group, UCL London
2012 Collections | group exhibition The White Building London
2011 Pillar  | The Yard Theatre London
2011 Material | group exhibition, Red Gallery London
2011 Thought Constructions| group exhibition, Exchange Project Space London
2009 Mobile Brownfield Site | installation collaboration with Bob and Roberta Smith, Pestival
Southbank Center