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2018 Waking the Wicth, a 2 year touring group show, commissioned by Legion Projects
2018 I Carry You in My Eyes | Saturday 9th June 2-6:30pm Symposium
I Carry You in My Eyes | Residency with Kestle Barton Cornwall funded by Arts Council England and Kestle Barton
2018YÖRÜK |The Song of The Cave, nomadic residency and retreat in Portugal
2018 BREADROCK | solo Exhibition with Rosalind Fowler, Kestle Barton September-October
2018 Cosmic Council | group exhibition Our House of Common Weeds, The Newbridge Project November-January

2017 BearMotherHouse | 6 month project with Xenia Women, a group of migrant and english speaking women commissioned by SPACE
2017 Permissible Notations of |In collaboration with Rosalind Fowler, 16mm film and project, supported by Arts Council England, Paul and Louise Cooke and PEER
2017 Piedra Sola | in collaboration with Alejandro Tarraf, feature film project in Argentina, funded by INCA
2016 Harvesting The Commons Wenlock Barn Estate, London
Resiliency and Climate Change workshop programme with Cabot Institute,commissioned by Bristol University
2016 Fortunes and Futures | collaborative project with Cabot Institute of Climate Change, Bristol
2015 Resilience Lab | a 6-month public program, with Cabot Institute, commissioned by Aldo Rinaldi and Tessa Fitzjohn, Bristol public art programme
2015 Alterations Studio | 2-month public program, commissioned by PEER London
2014What Survives The Storm | performative consultation, Sceaux Gardens Estate,commissioned by South London Gallery Local
2013 yörük | temporary settlement and performance program, commissioned by Hackney WicKED Arts festival, London
2013 What we are doing is groundbreaking | The Walworth Archive, re-enacting the
Elephant and Castle master-plan as a series of public performances, commissioned by UCL Urban Lab and Elephant and Castle neighbourhood Forum
2012 Elasticity | performance and video works commissioned by The Wick Award,
Hackney Wick, London
2008-2018 FreeSpace | An on-going project based on Wenlock Barn Estate London. Utilising
performance as process to co-design public space with public creation throughout the Estate.
Public spaces include;Meeting House 2014-2015, Self building project, Funded by Awards for All, The Back Garden 2012-2015, Funded by the Big Lottery and Wenlock Barn TMO
The Foraging Garden 2010, Funded by the Big Lottery and Wenlock Barn TMOGrown and Bread 2009, 1 year program, planting a wheat field and associated public performances, funded by The Shoreditch Trust, Circular cultivation 2009, 1 year program, commissioned by Thomas Fairchild School The Growing Kitchen Garden 2008-2010, commissioned by The Shoreditch Trust
All FreeSpace projects have included performances, live events, public making,video works, talks and exhibitions

2018 BREADROCK | collaboration with Rosalind Fowler,PEER
2017 BearMotherHouse | with Xenia Women commissioned by SPACE
2017 Permissible Notations of | with Rosalind Fowler PEER
2017 Our House of Common Weeds| group exhibition Res commissioned by Nathalie Boobis
2016 Household | exhibition and public event, Home Space, Leyton
2016 The Storm | exhibition and performance, Utopia program, Somerset House,commissioned as part of The Treasury by Jeremy Deller
2015 back to where we have not quite been | Arnolfini, Bristol
2015 everything happens on the street | PEER
2015 The Collective Tongue | solo exhibition, Errant Bodies Berlin
2014 Cities Methodologies | group exhibition, UCL London, Slade Research Centre
2014 What Survives The Storm | conference exhibition, Clore Studio, South London Gallery London
2013 ASTATE | Cities Methodologies group exhibition, UCL London
2012 ]PERFORMANCE OPEN[ | Series 12 performance, performance space London
2012 Collections | group exhibition The White Building London
2011 Meet Us At The Theatre | The Yard Theatre London
2011 Material | group exhibition, Red Gallery London
2011 Constructions | group exhibition, Exchange Project Space London
2009 Mobile Brownfield Site | collaboration with Bob and Roberta Smith, Pestival
Southbank Center

2016 The Birth Clinic | Performance Royal College of Art with Ben Cranfield
2016 After the Moon | | performance, Royal College of Art
2016 The Birth Clinic | CASS School of Art
2016 The Land Rays | Barbican OPENEST
2016 The Storm | exhibition and performance, Utopia program, Somerset House
2016 After the Harvest Moon |household exhibition
2016 Opening feast | household exhibition
2015 Capturing the REAL| performance contribution to symposium at City gallery and museum, METAL Peterborough
2014 The 6th Housing Estate | performance contribution to symposium, South London Gallery
2014 Rhythm Study | performance contribution to conference The Art of Nature, Balaji Temple, Birmingham,
2014 After the Storm | Cities Methodologies UCL, London
2014 What survives the storm |conference exhibition, Clore Studio, South London Gallery
2014 What does it feel like to be regenerated | A Tiny University Kilburn with UCL, London
2014 Public Dreaming |The Art of Nature conference Balaji Temple Birmingham
2013 The People Lecture Series | travelling performance lecture, UCL and Hackney Wick
2013 OPEN HOUSE | outdoor screenings and performances, Wenlock Barn Estate
2013 400 speeches | street installation Heygate Estate London
2013 Public meeting | a series of street re-enactments of master-planning London
2012]PERFORMANCE OPEN[ | Series 12, performance space,London
2012 Collections | The White Building Hackney Wick, London
2011 Meet us at the Theatre | The Yard Theatre,London
2011 Constructions | Exchange Project Space,London
2011 Actionisim | series no.7 Position, The Red Gallery,London
2011 Material series no. 6 Material, The Red Gallery, London
2011 Expansion | Wall to Wall, series no. 5 Expansion,London
2011 Measure |East pop West, series no. 4 ,London

2018 I carry You in My Eyes | Kestle Barton Cornwall
2017 Seeds for Lucia | Residency with MONTE, Buenos Aires
2016 The Village School| 1 month studio and teaching residency CASS School of Art and Design
2015 Everything Happens On The Street | 2 month residency, PEER Gallery London
2015 An Uncertain World | 6 month residency with Cabot Institute of Climate Change,
as part of Resilience Lab Project Bristol
2013 astate | 1 year residency in Walworth, syzygy London
2011 NeighbourHOOD | 1 month residency ]performance[space, London
2010 Exchange project space | 3 month residency Hackney WickED Festival, London
2010 Interspersed | 3 month residency Archway Herbal Clinic in collaboration with
Rowan Arts Trust and Islington Exhibits London
2009 Open Air Studios | 1 month residency, Clissold Park, London

2017 YÖRÜK| The Old Doors and The Golden Horn, Mount of Oaks Permaculture, Portugal
2016 Our Common Chord | The Round Chapel, London
How far a way are we | Conventions of Proximity in Art, Theatre and Performance, Birkbeck
2015 Visual Matrix | exhibition program for ‘back to where we have not quite been’,
collaboration with Dr. Julian Manley, Psychosocial researcher, University of Central
Lancashire, Bristol
2015 Public Dreaming | exhibition program for ‘back to where we have not quite been’
Arnolfini, Bristol
2015 Handed down and Handled | with researchers of Cabot Institute and Bristol University, Bristol
2015 MOLA MOLA | with The Island Folk choir, writing new folk songs, Bristol
2015 Public Dreaming | with eco-phycology network, PEER Gallery London
2015  Aural/Oral muscle | a 1week workshop with Bergen Academy of Art Bergen Norway
2015 Public Dreaming | Errant Bodies Berlin
2014 Public Dreaming | Sir John Cass School of Art London
2014 Public Dreaming | University College London
2014 Public Dreaming | Art of Nature conference, Balaji Temple Birmingham
2013 Imaginative Composition | Walworth London
2013 Internal/External | motion walk, Elephant and Castle
2013 Receptor/Receiver| motion walk, Elephant and Castle
2013 Continuous motion/Sound and Motion | Gainsborough Primary, Hackney Wick, funded by the Wick Award Big Lottery Fund
2012 Elasticity |Hackney Wick London
2012 Constructed materials | a series of workshops with Central Foundation through Bow Arts

2017 Aesthetics, Poetics and Fiction as Tools for Change | SPACE
2015 back to where we have not quite been | experimental conference, Arnolfini, Bristol
2015 New Folk Tales | Spike Island Associates, Bristol
2015 Social Plastic | Situations’ Lunch Club, Bristol
2014 Vertical living | panel debate commissioned by Up Projects as part of London
Festival of Architecture
2014 What Survives The Storm | experimental conference, Clore Studio South London Gallery London
2013 astate |Kilburn Tiny University with UCL, London
2011 Ordinary Language symposium | Exchange Project Space, London
2011 Feedback and Exchange | CASS School of Art and Design and Goldsmiths University

2018 The Living School | Text and image contribution, Brandon LaBelle
2014 Regeneration Realities | astate text, Urban Pamphleteer published by UCL Urban Laboratory

Fausto | 16mm print Private Collection
TUIG | artist book an object dictionary, The CASS School of Art and Design Library collection

2015 In dialogue residencies | with Dr. Ben Cranfield and Sarah Deco,psychotherapist and storyteller
2012-2013 syzygy | project space in a social housing flat in Elephant and Castle, hosting 8 residencies, workshop programs and curated exhibitions with invited UK and international artists, London
2011-2016 In The Company of Elders | reflections and performance with a group of Elders,

2018 The Cloth of a Thousand | Arts Council England Funding and Kestle Barton
2017 Permissible Notations of | Arts Council England Funding and PEER funding
2016 Harvesting the commons | Awards for All Funding
2015 Meeting House | Awards for All Funding and London Community Foundation
2014 FreeSpace | awarded for impact and participation in The Big Lottery National
funding Awards Wenlock Barn TMO, winners of national TMO Awards for involving community
through Fourthland projects
2014 FreeSpace | London Community Foundation Funding
2011-2013 The Back Garden and Public Program | Big Lottery Main grant award, Wenlock Barn Estate TMO Funding
2010-2011 The Growing Kitchen Community | Big Lottery Funding and Wenlock Barn TMO Funding, Capital growth funding
2008-2010 The Growing Kitchen | Shoreditch Trust Commission, Wenlock Barn Estate TMO Funding
2009 Making architecture | University of East London, Funding

2015 Visiting Artists| Bergen Academy of Art and Design Norway
Visiting Artists | CASS School of Art and Design

2016 Climart Norway | ‘Can visual art affect viewer perceptions of Climate Change?’
Inside Arts |’University Arms Hotel Public Art Programme’Cambridge
Inside Arts | ‘Habitation’, residency with Cambridge University

Louise isik Sayarer | b. 1982, British/Turkish
2007-2011 BA Fine Art part time |Sir John Cass school of Art and Design, London
2006 Foundation in Art and Design | Sir John Cass School of Art and Design, London
2002-2005 BSc/BA Environmental Science and Development Studies | University of Sussex
2000 BTEC level 3 Tropical Habitat Conservation | Madagascar
2016-2017 Shakti dance teacher training
2015-2016 Dancing Tao – Movement Medicine circle
2016 Womb Yoga |  Uma Dismore-Tuli
Wombdala | Jewels Wingfield
2008- ongoing Artist associate SASA Works Architecture
2008-2017 Bow Arts Trust, Education Artist
2007-2008 Education Officer Chelsea Physic Garden
2006-2007 Education Officer The Wildlife Trust
2005 Research associate Ethnomedica, Kew Gardens
Natural Dyes from Plants | Jane and Julian
Artistic Expression for adults with learning disabilities | Larches Trust

Eva Knutsdotter Vikström b. 1985, Norwegian/Swedish
2009-2011 BA Fine Art | Sir John Cass school of Art and Design London
2004-2005 Foundation in Art and Design | Einar Granum School of Art Oslo
2016 Gong training | Don Conreux
2015-2016 Kundalini Yoga teacher training
2014-2018 Art director and researcher | Alejandro Tarraf’s feature film ‘Piedra Sola’
2009-2011 The Readers performance Group