Exhibition at PEER 22nd Feb – 14th April

BREADROCK is a new film and sculptural installation for PEER in collaboration with artist and filmmaker Rosalind Fowler. Reflecting on our ten-year collaboration with the diverse communities of Wenlock Barn Estate in Hackney, East London.

In the gallery an installation of the frequencies of BREADROCK inspired by exchanges with the Wenlock community become a new set of mystical creations as relics of the exchanges between residents to form a type of collective magic.

The 16mm film is a visceral homage to cultural history, memory and universal myth. Melding experimental and ethnographic filmmaking, the work presents a series of staged vignettes drawing on the rituals and artefacts of the Estate’s Bangladeshi, European, Kurdish, Serbian, Turkish, Ugandan and West Indian communities, to create new kinships, myths.

The 16mm film was shot against a roaming backdrop of textiles, paintings, and objects in a public garden on the Estate, BREADROCK manifests the inner worlds of Wenlock’s inhabitants: a Bangladeshi woman wearing her wedding dress buries a symbolic ‘umbilical cord’ in front of forty guests to mark her son’s birth; a West Indian man channels his deceased grandmother through an old-fashioned telephone and a cosmic donkey; another man surrounded by sheet music conducts an invisible orchestra and symbolic ancient rock, inspired by his love of geology; and others slowly process and gesture, holding bowls and plates aloft. The soundtrack is a composition of raw sounds improvised from domestic household objects found in a resident’s flat.

To watch interview about process, visit here