Fourthland is a collaboration established by artists Isik Sayarer and Eva Knutsdotter in London 2008. Their social practice uses objects, performance, ritual and storytelling to facilitate encounters with people and communities, to draw marginalised knowledge into the foreground and explore forgotten modes of social and environmental consciousness.
Fourthland is a concept and approach to working in ‘collective practice’ that is held by an ever-growing network of people. The practice grows like streams, honouring the feminine principle and alternative societies. The work creates a shared ‘landing-place’ that forms new myths about land and people – bringing unconventional groups together to create unexpected things.
We are sculptors, makers and performers, and believe that every individual can contribute to works of art. We allow our process-based research to unfold in a way that activates innate and authentic creativity, an approach that has the power to enchant and reposition forms of kinship whilst challenging modes of exchange and display.

These process-based research methods include creating Interruptions and Workshops that prompt deep playfulness and curiosity to unearth the potential of what we call ‘Handheld Knowledge’; a portal to both old and new knowings. These methods are inspired by diverse cultures and the village-scale and often utilise repetitive methods that reposition forgotten craft processes and acts of domestic labor. The Exhibitions and Performances that emerge from this take on multi layered networks and re-enactments with a series of Documents as a trace of the experience.
We are dedicated to learning through making and moving the body and voice, crafting a slow-time-space that allows the work to unfold organically, bringing into these excavations, process based psychology, yogic practice and elements of psychoanalysis.
The practice has been cultivated through 10 years of working with Land and People on The Wenlock Barn Estate in London and ongoing national and international collaborations with scientists, architects, filmmakers, psychologists, anthropologists, teachers and researchers that are drawn into our projects and working methods.
Our processes continue to evolve across arts forms and collaborations. Recently collaborating with artist and filmmaker Rosalind Fowler to explore the medium of 16mm film as experimental craft and as a transformative method for performance.

Together, apart and with others, Isik and Eva create, perform and hold unique projects, holding a place in creative production that can be occupied temporarily or permanently, a place to use the creative process in the broadest sense. A place for art practice and everyday life. At its largest Fourthland is a whole community.

Isik and Eva both graduated in Fine Art from the CASS School of Art in 2011 and have both completed many additional trainings. Read more about that here

Recent solo works include BREADROCK I carry you in my eyes at Kestle Barton with Rosalind Fowler, BREADROCK I feel like doing this at PEER with Rosalind Fowler, BearMotherHouse, SPACE, Permissible Notations of with Rosalind Fowler at PEER, London (2017); The Storm within Jeremy Deller’s Utopia Treasury, Somerset House, London (2016); back to where we have not quite been, Arnolfini, Bristol (2015); The Collective Tongue, Errant Bodies, Berlin; and everything happens on the street, PEER, London (2015). Recent residencies at Kestle Barton (2018), CASS School of Art and Design, London (2016), Cabot Institute of Climate Change, Bristol (2015), and presented workshops at Birckbeck, London (2016); Bergen Academy of Art, UCL Urban Lab, London and South London Gallery Local (2015). Fourthland also run a twice-yearly nomadic residency programme, yörük—a creative and holistic retreat co-hosted with different alternative communities around the world.


Interview about most recent project with Kestle Barton in Cornwall


Lead Artists and Starter Occupants
isik knutsdotter
Isik Sayarer and Eva Knutsdotter
Based in London, working across the UK and internationally

Currently In Dialogue/ In Residence Within Our Practice
Dr Ben Cranfield,Senior Tutor Curating Contemporary Art Royal College of Art
Sarah Deco, Group Analyst, Psychotherapist and Storyteller

Long-term and On-going Collaborators 
Craig Bamford, object and installation collaboration
Alejandro Tarraf, film and video collaboration
Rosalind Fowler, 16mm film collaboration
Alberto Balazs, film and video collaboration

“The role of artworks is no longer to form imaginary and utopian realities, but to actually be ways of living and models of action within the existing real”.
Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics