“A place of ancient, deep-bones knowledge and groundedness that is also actively engaged with what is happening right now”

– Philippa Bayley, Workshop participant, Cabot Institute


Here we bring elements of our practice into an experimental pedagogy, transforming large-scale global enquires into embodied dialogues.These workshops provide a place to develop listening, questions, and collectively through the generation of shared knowledge. We believe that making with the hands and moving with the body has the power to summon the latent knowings of our psyche, harnessing this almost magical ‘transformation of latent wisdoms’ into objects, ceremonies, sounds and movements. In this place we are in touch with the Primordial Root of ourselves a place that transcends ideas of nation, culture, gender and age. In this current time of huge shifts in global understandings this is the very place we need to cultivate and care for. The poetic qualities of art in process, have the power to prompt expansive and imaginative enquiries of existing knowledge structures. Our workshops have explored thematics that include the haptic, sonorous, movement, the role of uncertainty in learning, resiliency in climate change, consultation in urban policy and the social collective.

Our approach builds on over 10 years of experience in teaching, work as visiting artists at Universities and trainings in art, environmental science and yogic and somatic practices. The methods tap into the processes and wisdoms from diverse cultures, especially in depth enquires into the ‘village scale’, deep listening, earth-cycles and the use of storytelling and myth. (Read more here about our previous experience and contact us )

Our workshops are offered on a request basis. We have delivered programmes for groups in a variety of spaces from fields to Universities. Contact us for more information about the below programs:

Public Dreaming | working with myth and the dream body
The Village School | a sculptural and sonorous exploration of materials
Our common Chord | mandala based practices
Fortunes and Futures | objects and visioning
Handed down and handled | branches of connectivity
Aural/oral Muscle | haptic exploration


These workshops are inspired by;

The notion that to Sufis; both the ritual and the craftsman evoke the life that resides within all things.

Methods / process
– To make the subject matter physical, subtle and playful.
– Using collective improvisation to reform uncertainty as in depth learning.
– Working through our 4 lands methodology as sculptural, psychological, physical and spiritual processes (active mandala).

– Using tactile engagement to focus on drawing out the wisdom within.
– Ideas that we are all sculptors and sculptures, with the collective and individual role to sculpt knowledge and materials
– Theatre as a tool to embody knowledge
– Our hands as our guides
– Jungian analysis
– Polarities of chaos and calm
– Storytellers, dancers, healers

Our Workshops and talks have been delivered with:
– Arnolfini, Bristol
– Cabot Institute, University Bristol
– Bergen Academy of Arts, Norway
– The Art of Nature, Birmingham
– CASS School of Art and Design
– PEER Gallery
– The South London Gallery
– Associates from Climate Psychology Alliance
– Situations, Bristol
– Urban LAB, University College London
– Artists
– Interdisciplinary research teams
– Schools and community groups