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Louise isik Sayarer (1982, British/Turkish)
Making has always been part of my life, using practical exploration as a way of thinking. I have been teaching for over 10 years, exploring the inter-connection between natural cycles, body cycles, sculptural processes and architecture. This work was initially grounded in studies in Environmental Science and Development Studies exploring everything from tribal rites of crop cycles to Community Ecology,organic food growing and plant medicine. This led to working with Ethnomedica at Kew Gardens looking into remembered remedies of British Folk Medicine before working as Education Officer with the Wildlife Trust and Chelsea Physic Garden, delivering a range of intergenerational workshops inspiring people about the natural world.

Questions about how this knowledge could be shared in a deep way led to training in Art, first through painting then sculpture and textiles and from this into performance. Through these processes I was drawn to learn traditional craft processes such as felt making and carving.These immersive enquiries facilitated thinking about the idea of making as an alchemical and innately performative process that has the potential to transform our thoughts.

In recent years I have become passionate about the role of art, dance and movement as tools to delve deeper into the embodied knowings of ourselves. Leading to further journeys into sound and ritual. These teachings have developed alongside a deep learning from all the people who have come together in our public projects and performances. Bringing with them wisdoms from across the World.

Ear to the Ground weaves together a collection of these practices through what we call the 4 lands approach a combination of sculptural, psychological, physical and spiritual processes.

2007-2011 BA Fine Art part time, Sir John Cass school of Art and Design, London
2006 Foundation in Art and Design, Sir John Cass School of Art and Design, London
2002-2005 BSc/BA Environmental Science and Development Studies, University of Sussex
2000 BTEC level 3 Tropical Habitat Conservation Madagascar
Recent Training
2016-2017 Shakti dance teacher training
2015-2017 Movement Medicine circle, with Christian De Sousa and Dancing Tao
2016 Womb Yoga with Uma Dismore-Tuli
2015 Celtic Womb Mandala, Jewels Wingfield
Previous Training
2008 Natural Dyes from Plants with Jane and Julian
2006 Artistic Expression for adults with learning disabilities – Larches Trust
Previous work
2008-present Artist associate SASA Works Architecture
2008-present Bow Arts Trust, Education Artist
2007-2008 Education Officer Chelsea Physic Garden
2006-2007 Education Officer The Wildlife Trust
2005 Research associate Ethnomedica, Kew Gardens

The 7 bundles, upcoming workshop program in collaboration with Dr. Ben Cranfield
How far a way are we, Conventions of Proximity in Art, Theatre and Performance, Birkbeck
Visual Matrix, exhibition program for ‘back to where we have not quite been’,
collaboration with Dr. Julian Manley, Psychosocial researcher, University of Central
Lancashire, Bristol
Public Dreaming, exhibition program for ‘back to where we have not quite been’
Arnolfini, Bristol
back to where we have not quite been, with Young Arnolfini, Arnolfini, Bristol
Handed down and Handled, with researchers of Cabot Institute and Bristol University, Bristol
MOLA MOLA, with The Island Folk choir, writing new folk songs, Bristol
Public Dreaming, with eco-phycology network, PEER Gallery London
Aural/Oral muscle, a 1week workshop with Bergen Academy of Art Bergen Norway
Public Dreaming, Errant Bodies Berlin
Public Dreaming, Sir John Cass School of Art London
Public Dreaming, University College London
Public Dreaming, Art of Nature conference, Balaji Temple Birmingham
Imaginative Composition, Walworth London
Imaginative Composition, Walworth, London
Internal/External, motion walk, Elephant and Castle
Receptor/Receiver, motion walk, Elephant and Castle
Continuous motion/Sound and Motion, Gainsborough Primary, Hackney Wick, funded by the Wick Award Big Lottery Fund
Elasticity, Hackney Wick London
Constructed materials, a series of workshops with Central Foundation through Bow Arts

back to where we have not quite been, experimental conference, part of ‘back to
where we have not quite been exhibition program, Arnolfini, Bristol
New Folk Tales, Spike Island Associates, Bristol
Social Plastic, Situations’ Lunch Club, Bristol
Vertical living, panel debate commissioned by Up Projects as part of London
Festival of Architecture
What Survives The Storm, experimental conference, Clore Studio South London
Gallery London
astate, Kilburn Tiny University with UCL, London
astate, syzygy project space, London
Ordinary Language symposium, Exchange Project Space, London
Feedback and Exchange, CASS School of Art and Design and Goldsmiths University


Ongoing Collaborator
Eva Knutsdotter Vikstrom (1985, Norwegian/Swedish)

2009-2011 BA Fine Art, Sir John Cass school of Art and Design, London
2004-2005 Foundation in Art and Design, Einar Granum School of Art, Oslo
Recent training
2015-2016 Kundalini Yoga teacher training
Previous work
2014-2016 Art director for Ale Tarraf’s feature film ‘Yupanqui’
2009-2011 The Readers performance Group