Of our homelands – a collective sharing of bread, mother and lineage.

A full day event as part of the Barbican OpenFest, using the collective making of bread to tell stories about family lineage, homelands and the folklore associated with agriculture. Blurring boundaries between the rituals of the home and what we eat with our cultural heritage and shared future.

Through enactments, storytelling and kneading this event staged a new type of domestic ceremony forming an ecosystem of people involved both as kneaders and observers throughout the day. People taking part collectively kneaded an ever growing dough, representing a central pulse in the middle of a yurt space, connecting the many hands and people together.

We welcomed the Bell ringers, kneaders and storytellers throughout the day and for the closing ritual and offering,spreading the process to homes across the city.

Only ancient grains and landraces were used to make the dough, some of which will be ground on the day.

Saturday 8th October 1 – 5pm with closing ceremony 6-7pm
Barbican Lakeside




The Land Rays