“When the alchemists talk of the Dragon they are talking about the universal spirit that is present in all things ”

The weavings of dragons is a creative gathering that delves in to the power of manifestation, conjuring our journey through the elements of our lives. This gathering will explore our journey through these seasons through a series of embodied practices.

Here the dragon energy represents the mastery of our inner harvests through activity and creativity. It is said that the dragon combines 9 different animals, each animal of a different plain giving the dragon a special capacity to travel through each of the elements. The cyclical journey of the dragon begins in the cave of the underworld, the womb of the subconscious. In this deepest cave the dragon takes refuge from autumn and winter. The dragon leaves the cave in spring awakening into consciousness and alertness, enchanted by its inner journey. It ascends into the sky with wings to manifest the weavings of winter. A shapeshifting gentle power that unfolds likes the leaves in the spring.

The wings carry ideas for the new cycle, the threads to sow into the abundance of summer – that sacred space of true manifestation.

Over the Equinox this gathering will weave the journey of the dragon through practices of movement, sacred processes within the landscape, ceremony, yogic practice, sound work alongside experimentation and improvisation.

Summoning hand and body making, each as dragons of our own creative potential. Each on a unique sacred path to abundance and gifts

In a society where we are separated from our own shadow side, dragons for centuries have been misrepresented as monsters of destruction, to be feared at all costs. While in other cultures, dragons are embroidered in fine silk on to the robes of emperors – they are the guardians of temples, the keepers of precious treasure, and the messengers of deep wisdoms.

The Dragon as a symbol of our inner power weaves together dark and light into a cloak woven from the threads of our experience. Spun from ancestral memories.

This gathering will be a journey to reawaken the dragon lines of our soul’s desires. Weaving the mystery of life, movement, energy, the heavens, the planets, the light of nature, the soul of the world.

Timeframes 19-25th March 2019
Arrivals on the 19th March by 4pm for Opening evening ceremony
25th March Shared breakfast and departures

We will be hosted by Mount of Oaks a wonderful permaculture community nestled within the Gardunha Mountains. Mount of Oaks is a beautiful place of convergence, micro-climate and refuge, within the district of Fundao, meaning Deep Place, The land,spaces and holding of Mount of Oaks is deeply special enabling the work we will do together.

We will camp in a simple way in shared bell tents close to nature. This is very much part of the experience of returning to and becoming ensconced in the land. There are lovely compost toilets, wood and solar showers.

Course fees
Include workshop materials, 3 meals of organic food per day including delicious olives from the land, natural spring water and hot drinks.

£575 Full Price
£525 Early bird price before January 31st
£475 Limited concession price

We want to make our gatherings accessible and can offer a limited number of concessionary places. We are also happy to offer payment plans.

To apply
Please email us at We will then send you a short application form.

Flights to Lisbon or Porto and from there travel to Alpedrinha or Fundao where transport will be arranged

Main body of learning:
We are elemental beings.
This retreat we will be held over the equinox. We will be focusing on dreaming, creating and nourishing the inner wisdom of our creative well. How tuning to the home within can expand creative potentials and energy for creative projects personally and within the community.

The tools that are offered will facilitate you to find your own creative voice, how to enjoy it internally and how to grow this guidance into your own unique flow. Calling on embodied theories and processes from our practice and influenced by process-based psychology, dream work, nature healing and yogic philosophy.

What you bring:
The retreat is hosted within a beautiful space with a small group of others. It is this that makes it special. Our gatherings are gently immersive, much like a sacred circle. There will be space for you to spend time alone, with others and bring your skills to the group.

Some reflections from the last gathering The Song of the Cave

“Words are useless in such occasions, I felt very loved and supported and still carry the circle with me. It was all like a dream to me our time together and I can’t stop talking and thinking about it. Thank you again for everything you gave us so much of your love and your life force.” – Residency participant

“It still feels like a complete magical dream and I often can’t believe it was real” – Residency participant

“Travelling to you at the mount of oaks felt like joining a summit of the elements. In a universal sense but also to my own very personal elements. Being part of this particular circle was a very intense and deep experience and the theme of the shadow and the cave touched me in a yet very unexpected way”.- Residency participant

“Our time together nourished me so deeply, it planted so many seeds for my life journey, for the expansion of myself in the world. I came with the clear intention of being held, but I didn’t know what that looked like or felt like. I came with a veil on, not knowing what I was to see, but was met with the most beautiful humans I’ve ever met who held me and nurtured me in ways I never knew I could be open to. You have all changed me and held me, and I will carry the sacred journey with me everyday. I will carry the bravery it takes to open and be held, and the empathy it takes to hold, and create a nurturing space for myself and for everyone who is apart of my life path. Thank you for the gifts, I am honored to have shared this experience with you and learn from your ancient wisdom.” – Residency participant