“When the alchemists talk of the Dragon they are talking about the universal spirit that is present in all things ”

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Some reflections from the last gathering The Song of the Cave

“Words are useless in such occasions, I felt very loved and supported and still carry the circle with me. It was all like a dream to me our time together and I can’t stop talking and thinking about it. Thank you again for everything you gave us so much of your love and your life force.” – Residency participant

“It still feels like a complete magical dream and I often can’t believe it was real” – Residency participant

“Travelling to you at the mount of oaks felt like joining a summit of the elements. In a universal sense but also to my own very personal elements. Being part of this particular circle was a very intense and deep experience and the theme of the shadow and the cave touched me in a yet very unexpected way”.- Residency participant

“Our time together nourished me so deeply, it planted so many seeds for my life journey, for the expansion of myself in the world. I came with the clear intention of being held, but I didn’t know what that looked like or felt like. I came with a veil on, not knowing what I was to see, but was met with the most beautiful humans I’ve ever met who held me and nurtured me in ways I never knew I could be open to. You have all changed me and held me, and I will carry the sacred journey with me everyday. I will carry the bravery it takes to open and be held, and the empathy it takes to hold, and create a nurturing space for myself and for everyone who is apart of my life path. Thank you for the gifts, I am honored to have shared this experience with you and learn from your ancient wisdom.” – Residency participant