“You do such beautiful things. We’re all so trapped in a very difficult non-human space, that your work opens our hearts and spirits… even just thinking about it does that, spreading a different perspective, giving hope and calm…” – Dr. Julian Manley, Researcher Psychosocial Unit, Lancashire University

“I entered your other world, or rather the world that feels hidden. I spent a deeply satisfying time wrapping myself with the spirit you weave. I loved the mysterious and yet oddly familiar objects. To me your exhibition feels like a museum of objects from a strange yet familiar culture that we should not loose our connection with.”
– Exhibition visitor

“It was a moment to let the surface go, allow it to attend to itself for a while, and to pay attention to the foundations, the roots and the body. It also reminded me that taking time can be a process of making time; the doing of the slow, embodied action can open up space and time that didn’t exist before.
– Exhibition and conference participant

“It was truly a beautiful and contemplative exhibit.  I think it is this contemplative aspect that I found most powerful. We might need to take urgent action but we do not need to act urgently”.
– Exhibition visitor

“Intelligent, elegant, insightful and deeply moving”
– Conference participant

“a place of ancient, deep-bones knowledge and groundedness that is also actively engaged with what is happening right now”.
Philippa Bayley Workshop participant, Cabot Institute

“Ambitious and surprising”
– Exhibition visitor

“I honestly feel like I’m seeing the world in a completely different way.  Thank you so much for coming down and engaging us with your art and your way of thinking.”
– Workshop participant, Cabot Institute

“To encounter silence, sensory led explorations and deep and thoughtful reflections was a pleasure.
– Exhibition visitor

“You created spaces where listening to each other was a priority and you did it in a very natural way, no one had to tell each other to listen, it just happened.”
– Project participant

“I have learnt more from this process than I could have ever imagined”
– Project participant

“Your workshop was a gift of surprise. I loved every moment of the week I spent with you. I enjoyed the new way I could experience my peers, interact physically and emotionally. Share ideas, play with both our voices, space, textures and feelings of light, shadows of seeing and doing things. You gave me something that left a beautiful after taste, the art of union. What a great ritual art can be when it represents principals of humanity. Union, communicating, dancing soulfully and innocently. This work of recreating and uniting us to this basic principal of existence. What are we if we don’t interact with our others with openness?”
– Workshop participant, Bergen Academy of Arts

“One of the few projects that have truly delivered cross generational, cross gender, cross ethnicity, cross ablebodied and not; it has enabled neighbours on one of the most troubled areas on a troubled estate to get to know each other and develop a sense of community, succeeding to become part of the fabric of the estate.”
– Anna Eagar, Director of Housing and Urban Regeneration Shoreditch Trust

“Fourthland’s sharp metaphorical gaze sheds light on a multitude of hidden subjects”
– Journalist and workshop participant