At the beginning of summer, yörük make the trek from the dense city plains to summer in the warm breeze and highlands. Arriving with collaborators, bundles, extended methodologies, pots, thoughts, homes and conversations to set up their retreat and settlement to dream a new way.

The stories we have been given for our bodies, climate and society are not equipping us to move creatively and collectively through change. This retreat will be a migration of minds and bodies, reforming the stories we have been given to commune within deep shared and evolving wisdom. Reclaiming ourselves as tellers. The vital work of today.

5th-10th July 2017

The intention of this nomadic residency is to combine art and spiritual practices to unify ideas of ‘healing’ and ‘creativity’. Considering the close relation between ‘the artist’ and ‘the healer’, and how this important relationship plays a part in dialogues and processes of ‘progress’ and creativity. Opening our intimate experience as individual creators, to become shared vessels of creative potential. How art practice and making with our hands can inform and initiate a healing of ourselves the community and further afield.
Each day will bring together our 4 lands methods, combining yogic practices of breath work and posture, with movement, sound work dance and ritual. These energetic practices will lead into individual and collective making, ceremony, performative land walks and home making. Through working with these “source gestures” we will delve into the essence of myth facilitating a deep re-thinking of the stories we tell about home, climate and society.

We will be hosted by the magical permaculture community ‘Mount of Oaks’ nestled within the Gardunha Mountains – a beautiful place of convergence, micro climate and refuge. Within the District of Fundao, meaning ‘Deep Place’.

You will have the opportunity to explore the following themes:
*holistic practice – through body and breath work, relating to the cyclical and sacred processes of the earth and cosmos
*the role of myth and storytelling
*the role of the feminine principal in societal progress
*handheld knowledge – how our ancient knowledge as humans can reveal itself through acts of making
*acts of collective making
*working collectively to discuss and reform ideas
*migration of homemakers to form a collective domesticity
The gathering will bring together a small group of a maximum of 20 individuals to experience and reflect on this power of collective creation.
Each day will have 3 meals of organic vegetarian food from the land, including delicious olives and natural spring water. We will be camping in a simple way in shared bell tents, close to nature. This is very much part of the experience of returning to and becoming ensconced in the land with lovely compost toilets, wood and solar showers.

Timeframes 5th-10th July
5th July – Arrivals and 6pm dinner and Opening evening ceremony.
(Guests are also invited to arrive the evening before)
9th July – Closing shared offering on the full Moon
10th July – Shared breakfast and departures

Flight to Lisbon and from Lisbon take a beautiful train journey to Fundao or Alpedrinha, from where transport to the site will be arranged.
If travelling on the 5th July, flights should arrive in Lisbon by 11:30am giving time to get the 1:30pm train from Oriente to Fundao ( 3 metro stops from the airport).We can advise on routes. This train is 10 Euros single and 16 Euros return if booked in advance.

£425(£375 Early bird booking before 8th May)
Concession price £325
Includes full workshop programme, accommodation, all food, tea and snacks.
There is also an option to bring your own tent and also a limited number of concession places – do write to us about this!
For further information and to register your place contact:
Louise and Eva at


More details about daily programme, discussions and travel can be found on:








…”along with the other animals, the stones, the trees, and the clouds, we ourselves are characters within a huge story that is visibly unfolding all around us, participants within the vast imagination, or Dreaming, of the world.” ― David Abram, The Spell of the Sensuous

Mount of Oaks permaculture community, location for gathering

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