A three hour workshop
Group size maximum 10

This workshop develops the concept that “dreams are private myths, myths are public dreams” -Joseph Campbell
By bringing out the myths within, we can embark on new transformative collective quests to inform our future environments.
The sessions exercise the idea that sound and material have the ability to transcend the present and through dreaming, with a series of objects and sounds together the conscious and unconscious minds merge.

In these dreaming sessions participants take part in an audial experience allowing them to reflect upon ideas of sculpting a collective social imaginary.

Through the dreaming, participants discover visions that are embedded within the ancient memory of our cellular system. These shared visions of spatial and experiential connectivity form new ways of understanding the vital qualities of gathering structures, ideas of ‘home making’ and deep listening.


Workshop history
Arnolfini Bristol
PEER Gallery, with Echo-psychology network, London
Errant Bodies, Berlin
Sir John CASS school of Art, London
Art of Nature conference, Balaji Temple, Birmingham

“It was a moment to let the surface go, allow it to attend to itself for a while, and to pay attention to the foundations, the roots and the body. It also reminded me that taking time can be a process of making time; the doing of the slow, embodied action can open up space and time that didn’t exist before.”
– workshop participant
The workshop can be delivered in various locations.
Contact us for details.