These projects consider ideas around embodied knowledge and measure the rhythms of places. The projects take inspiration from the immersive nature of weather patterns and the movement of water. These projects alter the surface flow of places by creating work that interacts with the surface as the context.

Interruptions create flocks and stimulate momentary herds in order to absorb and translate qualities of places through the different eyes that see it and that feel it.

Flocking and herding exist as patterns both within the landscape and within the city. Creating work that probes these tendencies facilities us to communicate and reconnect the city and the people with their land origins.

These interruptions are informed by a constant enquiry into public space in other cultures particularly eastern and village cultures. Our interruptions often playfully probe the intersection of these ideas by borrowing an action from one place and integrating it into another to discover new shapes and systems.

These interrupting ideas generate conversations that are relevant not to how we imagine in the past but how we embody knowledge for the future.