Opening night performance of ‘back to where we have not quite been’, Arnolfini 2015. Performance, in collaboration with Gail Barker, and song composed by Fourthland with The Island Folk Choir. Performed with The Island Folk Choir, Cabot Institute researchers, a group of elders and a 100 hands. This work was developed through a 6 months residency with The Cabot Institute of Climate Change, which investigated communing with ‘Resilience’


The Island Folk Choir and Fourthland collaboration, part of ‘back to where we have not quite been’, Arnolfini 2015


The Passing, public performance in collaboration with Gail Barker and a group of Elders, Bath 2015

A collaboration with Paul Lorenz as an outcome to his residency with us at syzygy, Motion 7 Rhythm Analysis 2013

Part of The Traveling Lecture Series, performed at ]performance space[ 2011

Elasticity, a series of performances with the public throughout Hackney Wick, London 2011. Investigating change in the city through movement