Our journal of upcoming and previous projects.

I Carry You in My Eyes

Cloth of a thousand, a 5 week residency with Kestle Barton, funded by Arts Council

BREADROCK, in collaboration with Rosalind Fowler, exhibition at PEER 23rd February- 14th April 2018

BREADROCK, in collaboration with Rosalind Fowler, exhibition at PEER 23rd February- 14th April 2018

We are happy to announce that we have received funding from Arts Council England for our project, Permissible Notations of, a performance for film in collaboration with artist Filmaker Rosalind Fowler.


Thanks to all the wonderful beings that joined us in Portugal. We are looking forward to the next gathering of yörük in Winter 2017

Join us in Portugal for this 5 day settlement and nomadic residency

a residency with MONTE Buenos Aires May-June 2017

a residency with MONTE Buenos Aires May-June 2017

After the Moon, a moving, thinking, writing group with Natalie Boobis, inspired by Starhawk’s book ‘Dreaming in the Dark – Magic, Sex and Politics’

After the Moon, a moving, thinking, writing group with Natalie Boobis, inspired by Starhawk’s book ‘Dreaming in the Dark – Magic, Sex and Politics’


Starting 2017 with The Birth Clinic, Performance of collective production. Louise will be working in collaboration with Ben Cranfield. Royal College of Art, part of Altai Altai In Residence; Experiments in Collective Practice

February – April 2017; Piedra Sola, an anthropological documentary/fiction, will follow the daily lives of lama shepherd Ricardo in El Condor, a small mountain village at 4300 m.a.s.l. in the northern Argentinian Puna. Eva will be working as Art Director in Collaboration with filmmakers Alejandro Tarraf and Alberto Balazs


November 2016; The Village School, FELT a workshop in making and telling CASS School of Art and Design London. This full day workshop wove together the ancient art of turning wool into Felt with storytelling and the mythology of textiles.


October>December 2016; The Village School Artist Residency, CASS School of Art and Design.


October>November; Our Common Chord a weekly short course in Embodied practice, exploring movement, sound, myth and sculptural process.
The Land rays October 2016; The Land Rays a ritual of Bread, mother and lineage. The ritual took place in a beautiful yurt on Barbican Lake Side, as part of OPEN Fest 8th October.

August>September 2016; household an exhibition and event programme in our homespace in Leyton. Hosting a series of collaborative performances, sharings and storytelling.

June 2016; The Storm a utopian forecast for London. This collective performance at Somerset House was part of the Utopia programme in collaboration with UCL Urban Lab.

May>December 2016; Harvesting the Commons, public programme Wenlock Barn Estate June – November, London

bundle, mixed media, 2.5m x 2m

May 2016; Hosting workshop ‘How far a way are we’, Conventions of Proximity Conference, Birkbeck University

April 2016; Shortlisted for Climart public art program in Trondheim Norway

studio work

Starting 2016 in the studio making a series of rooting maps, mouths and anatomies

November 2015; back to where we have not quite been, solo exhibition and event programme Arnolfini Bristol

October 2015; Photographic works in the October mists, part of scroll and imbue series

September 2015; ‘I travelled with bundles’ performance event, PEER gallery as part of our Residency Everything Happens on the Street

September; Resilience workshop with Cabot institute, University of Bristol

July>September 2015; PEER Gallery Residency Everything Happens on the Street

April>October 2015; Resilience LAB public programme in Bristol commissioned by Aldo Rinaldi and Tessa FritzJohn. Our public programme included a series of street events, enactments and collaborations with the Island Folk Choir and researchers at Cabot Institute University of Bristol

The Storm, Collective performance

May 2015; The Passing performance in collaboration with Gail Barker, part of the Bath Fringe Festival

March 2015; The Collective Tongue performance HECKLE, London

March 2015; Haptic matters, Aural/Oral muscle’ one week workshop with Bergen Academy of Art, Norway

March 2015; performance as part of, Real Estates – PEER Gallery – a project by Fugitive Images

February 2015; The Collective Tongue’ exhibition, workshop and performance, Errant Bodies, Berlin

February 2015; Performance as part of ‘Capturing the REAL’ symposium on sound,with Barby Asante and Jack James METAL Peterborough. Capturing the “REAL”, invited artists, policy makers, curators and audience members to participate in an experimental round table discussion exploring the space between ‘observation’, ‘interaction’ and ‘intervention’.


December 2014; Contributors to Brandon Labelle’s seminar ‘The 6th Housing Estate: Every wall has two sides, South London Gallery

December 2014; the old doors and the golden horn, workshop at Sir John CASS School of Art

November 2014; We went to Bristol to host a lunch club with Situations. Sharing our projects FreeSpace and The Collective Tongue