Artist Residency Kestle Barton
with Rosalind Fowler
Funded by Arts Council England and Kestle Barton
March-April 2018

Symposium on the themes 2-6:30pm 9th June with PEER London

The residency explored the mysticism of craft, care and film through a range of making and performing processes. We developed a series of objects and held gatherings with Cornwall Faith Forum which explored the power of improvisation and experimental ethnography to bring diverse groups together. Throughout the process we embodied the role of the artist as a medium of exchange between people and landscape, an approach that led us to weave together skills learnt from Cornish Crafts people, including withy-pot making and natural dyeing with stories and processes taught to us by migrant groups.

Each aspect subsequently weaving threads between diverse people to re-imagine points of inter-connectedness.

The process will be developed into new work shown at Kestle Barton September-October 2018.

The work builds upon a collaborative model piloted with Wenlock Barn Estate residents in Hackney, London for BREADROCK (PEER, 2018). The residency coincides with an exhibition of BREADROCK at PEER, London (Feb-April 2018).