August – Harvest Moon 2016
Exhibition, performances, events
Hosted in our homespace in Leyton, London.

Exploring the artwork as the space of living and the space of knowledge, cultural production, reproduction, embodiment, rituals and enactment.
The project has been inspired by a series of conversations over the last year about the significance of the ‘domestic act’ in cultural production and emerging directly from our collaborative work-life set up.
household will unravel the journey of the making through a full household installation, inviting us and others to literally inhabit the work.

The household is a place to reform :
production of home-making in society
the feminine principle
life and work
poetry and function
labour and care
land and access
household management

household will be open for visits anytime between August – Harvest Moon . There will also be an event program of talks, performance, workshops, screenings and feasts.
An ‘economy pot’ will be installed throughout, inviting each visitor to make a contribution to the holding of the house.
“household management, is the original literal sense of economy, although the phrase is now etymologically redundant”