A 10 week workshop that explored the existing perceptions of the neighborhood with pupils and teachers. Through the use of performative mapping, movement and sound the workshops established a way of researching values, presence and absence. 
Through this we discussed, what exists, what is important, and asked pupils to question how each area of the neighbourhood relates to the other.

We initiated the investigation through a series of walks from memory between home and School, School and Home. Making marks and image notation on things passed and experienced on the way.
These initial markings were used to produce a series of scores which was later expressed through voices to develop the soundscape of the area. Once produced the soundscape become the mechanism to immerse pupils and teachers in other qualities of the place.

After listening to the sound in collective listening exercises the pupils were asked what they would like to experience differently in the area.

What surprised us, in all of this was, what the pupils wanted to see in the area was without knowing, the same as what previously had existed. What Bella and Richard had experienced in the area in the past. We shared these stories with the pupils and teachers building a relationship between the two realities and understandings.
The architectural and cultural observations made by the pupils were also shared by Bella and Richard, the need for housing big enough for families, the benefits of more space between houses, the ideal of a house with a garden with a range of local shops and wild animals.
Chickens featured in both accounts of the area, today with the range and quantity of chicken shops and previously with everyone keeping chickens in their gardens.

Work history
Hackney Wick 2011 Gainsborough School
Funded by: Big Lottery, The Wick Award