Public Programme and 2 month exhibition at Kestle Barton with Rosalind Fowler
Funded by Arts Council England and Kestle Barton July – Nov 2018
Opening of exhibition 8th September

This project will bring to the surface the role of myth and symbolism to expand upon ideas of interconnectedness and what it means to be human, using processes of craft, film and sound to produce a series of blessings that flow through land, water and ethereal worlds. These will be used in the work to create a series of collective encirclings.

The project evolved from a spring residency at Kestle Barton in partnership with local craftspeople and Cornwall Faith Forum, and will incorporate learnings and mythologies from across a range of cultures.

An ‘Encircling Centre’, housed within a spherical form on the land at Kestle Barton, will host a series of summer gatherings and workshops. Through these workshops, people will collectively inhabit and imbue the space, exploring the symbols carried within and between them. Each process will imprint into film and sculptural works for the artists’ autumn exhibition.

The Encircling Centre aligns with the Apollo Athena ley line that links sacred sites across Europe to the Middle East. The artists will continue to work in partnership with Cornwall Faith Forum and Syrian families living in Cornwall as part of this process. Each action within this space will symbolically connect to people and life-forms across other lands. At the end of the public programme, a ceremonial offering will embed energies and intentions from the process into the ground, sending it along the ley line.

The workshop programme will run every weekend throughout August with open studio sessions every Thursday evening.

In addition we are inviting people to join them in two full day workshops to create shared gestures for 16mm film. The workshop will be the opportunity to unravel the themes in the work using props and a mixture of choreographed and improvised gestures that will eventually appear in the autumn exhibition.

A resulting film and sculptural exhibition will be exhibited in BREADROCK (8 September – 3 November) at Kestle Barton alongside the artists’ touring work following their acclaimed show of the same title at PEER, London.

To see the full summer Programme, visit Kestle Barton’s website here