SPACE London Commission
with Xenia Women
March – December 2017

The landlessness we are facing does not simply concern land ownership, it also includes the loss of the qualities of the spiritual and radically domestic in our public spaces and everyday lives.

Meeting together through speech, sounding, sculptural props and gestures this project will form an accumulative story about the land, between people in collaboration with Xenia Women.
Evolving through 6 chapters the process will delve into the source of myth, the gift of exchange, and the agency that objects and the hands have to build a collective mythology. To create a new myth and lattice tale of BearMotherHouse a story to facilitate a way of working and thinking in uncertain times.

The project will look to reimagine the stories we tell about crisis, light and darkness, mothers, houses, grief and bears.

The work will explore how the nourishing qualities of domestic ritual can uncover a lattice of stories between the personal and political.

Working with Xenia women between Hackney Museum and the Gallery. We will consider the role of sculptural object and the agency of the archive to summon and form our collective inheritance.
Re-imaging the power of social and object gestures to cultivate the house of speech on our mother tongue.

The public programme will also include additional workshops and opportunities to shape the work. This includes 3 evening workshops, Lost Mists and a weekend workshop Lake Song. Using metaphors from the landscape and stories from across the world to bring wider narratives into the tale.

Xenia is building relationships between migrant women, with English-speaking women living in the UK to form a more understanding and kind community.








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