The formation of Fourthland
Between Land and Sea, came the second rising. Softly held, buried, but not gone. Sounds echo in another ear, tracing steps of folk beyond. Gathered by the hand, carried for a while and passed on. 300 million eggs. The river speaks, carrying with it a new culture. Flooding our ways. Unfolding a new ground to play. Greeting each visitor with curiosity. The pathless mountain, untold and slow moving. Calls deep. Back to where we have not quite been. Landed here, on the tip of our tongue.

We make objects and gatherings to create new myths about land and people. Each new myth in turn leads to the production of an ecosystem of objects, performances, ceremonies and re-enactments. Sometimes working directly with the land and at other times creating a new language through the connection with the sacred through object and gesture. Our work honours the feminine principle and alternative societies in all aspects of the practice. Working with elders and bringing unconventional groups of people together to create unexpected things. We combine sculpture, sound and movement with a deep playfulness and curiosity. Initiating collective improvisation through what we call “Handheld Knowledge”.

Fourthland is a place to be occupied temporarily or permanently, a place to use the creative process in the broadest sense. A place for art practice and everyday life. At its largest, it is a whole community. At its smallest, it is a core group of starter occupants. Inspired by diverse cultures and the “village scale” our projects create a shared landing place between people, facilitating knowledge from the peripheries to move into the centre. A process that merges sculptural, social, spiritual and psychological space. A place to explore remembering, movement, dreams and magic.

Beginning in 2008 the practice is held by artists isik knutsdotter; Louise Sayarer and Eva Vikstrom with a range of collaborators. Previous projects have explored topics such as climate change, education, ritual, urban policy and heritage. Investigating ways of a ‘collective relearning of our climate and social conscious’.
Fourthland work has been recently exhibited at SPACE, PEER, Arnolfini, Somerset House, Barbican, Errant Bodies, with recent residencies at Kestle Barton, Cabot Institute of Climate Change, workshops at Bergen Academy of Art, Cass Art School, UCL Urban Lab and South London Gallery Local.

Areas of work include:

Performative Interruptions
These are our public projects which brings together publics and interdisciplinary collaborations, where new and unexpected knowledge can arise through the use of performative approaches that interrupt ways of meeting and learning. For example recent project ‘Resilience Lab”, that brought together climate psychologists, psychotherapists, storytellers, climate change researchers and a group of elders to find the substance of resilience.

Land and People 
Embedding the significance of ‘home-making’ into public spaces, to query the societal through the domestic.These projects co-create public spaces, gardens and performances with mixed cultural residents on a London Estate, ongoing since 2008.

Process of production
Revisiting craft processes and slow time methods.

As prompts to stimulate new poetic dialogues. Artworks as artefacts that are sculpted with natural and discarded materials, subsequently investigating the archiving of ephemeral process.

Our multi-media installation works. Creating new myths, visual language and ceremonial activation, where wider audiences are invited to engage with processes developed in response to our projects of interruption.

Utilising methods of experimental pedagogy developed through our practice. These ongoing workshops explore a range of subjects, including public space, collective knowings, and embodied knowledge.


Lead Artists and Starter Occupants
isik knutsdotter;
Louise isik Sayarer and Eva Knutsdotter Vikstrom
Based in London, working across the UK and internationally

Currently In Dialogue/ In Residence Within Our Practice
Dr Ben Cranfield, Director of PhD in Humanities and Cultural Studies, School of Arts, Birkbeck
Sarah Deco, Group Analyst, Psychotherapist and Storyteller

Long-term and On-going Collaborators 

Craig Bamford
Alejandro Tarraf
Rosalind Fowler
Alberto Balazs
Will Lindley